Customized Service Available High Pressure Stainless Steel Hydraulic Fittings

87611one piece fittings are SAE flange 6000PSI for one or two-wire integral fittings. Sizes from 08 to 32 are involved in YH production daily. 87611one piece fittings are 87611 fittings crimped with 00210 or 00110 ferrules by ferrule crimping machines. Good quality materials are put into production so that good quality products can be ensured. One piece fittings are all manufactured by CNC machine to control the high precision demands. Details Material:Carbon Steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, other requested material Technics:Forged Type:Coupling Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Model ...
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High Pressure 45 Degree BSP Female Maltose Tube Fitting hydraulic Hose Crimping Fittings

Part no.22691 is widely produced in YH factory and its thread type is BSP. 22691 is an 90 degrees elbow fitting type which includes about 10 sizes showed in technical data table(only for reference, customer designed sizes are welcomed). Each size can be produced as one particular fitting used in hose assembly production in the mining industry. Details Quick Details Material:Carbon Steel, Carbon Steel Technics:Forged Type:Bushing, Fittings Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland), Zhejiang China (Mainland) Model Number:22691 Brand Name:YH Hydraulic Connection:Female Shape:Equal Head Code:Hexagon Certification:ISO9001:2008 Finishing:Zinc Plated Size:Customed ...
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High Pressure Low Price Hydraulic Assembly Spares

YH-R2AT-30511 hose assemblies are composed with R2AT hydraulic hose, metric female fittings of heavy type and related ferrules. Commonly, we choose ferrules for two wire braided hydraulic hoses. But also ferrules for R1AT and R2AT hoses can be used in YH-R2AT-30511 hose assembling. Hose assemblies from YH Hydraulic are no leaking when put into application. Details Part no.: YH-R2AT-30511(Hose: SAE 100R2AT; Fittings: Metric Female 24°Cone H.T. With O-ring DIN3853 Non-crimped type) Ferrule types: 00210(ferrule for two wire braided hose); 03310(ferrules for R1AT hose and R2AT hose) Assembly types: ...
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Low Pressure Hose Assembly

Low Price Factory Production Hose Assembly Hot Sale High Pressure Hydraulic Rubber Hose

YH-4SP-22611D hose assemblies are composed with 4SP hoses, BSP female double hexagon fittings and ferrules are four wire hoses. YH Hydraulic use advanced crimping machines to ensure high precision and good appearance. Each assembly is packed with same length of plastic film to protect from collision in the delivery. Details Part no.: YH-4SP-22611D(Hose: DIN EN856 4SP; Fitting: BSP Female 60°Cone With Double Hexagon) Ferrule type: 00400 ferrules are used in the assembly which is special for four wire braided hydraulic hose. Assembly application: in the fields of agriculture, ...
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Carbon Steel Reinforced Rubber Hose Assembly, SAE R1AT/R2AT Hydraulic Assembly

YH-R1AT-20241 hose assembly types are composed with SAE 100R1AT hoses, metric female flat seat fittings and ferrules for two wire hoses. We offer hose assemblies sizes from 04 to 32. Prices are designed by hoses types and length, fitting types, ferrule types and assembly quantities. But we insist on offering good quality products to establish long term business with customers. Details Part no.: YH-R1AT-20241(Hose: SAE 100R1AT; Fitting: 45°GB Metric Female Flat Seat) Ferrule type: 00210(ferrule for two wire braided hose); 00110(ferrule for one wire braided hose) Samples: less ...
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High Pressure Hydraulic Hose With One Piece Fitting/ Hose Assembly

YH-2SN-20491 type assemblies are composed with 2SN hose, 20491 fittings and related ferrules. Hose assemblies are main products manufactured in YH Hydraulic. YH offers a wired variety of hose assembly equipment and excellent training programs to support unique application and technology training needs. Details Part no.: YH-4SH-87312(Hose: DIN EN856 4SH; Fitting: SAE Flange 3000PSI For Spiral Hose) Ferrule type: 00400 ferrule(ferrule for four wire steel braided hose) Application: high pressure hydraulic application including mobile, machine tool and agricultural application, using petroleum or water based hydraulic fluids. Suitable Temp.: ...
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High Pressure Micro Pipe Hydraulic Test Rubber Hose Assembly

YH-4SH-87312 types are composed with DIN EN856 4SH hose, SAE Flange 3000PSI fittings and ferrules which are used for four steel wire braided hoses. Complete sizes of YH-4SH-87312 assemblies can be found in YH Hydraulic. We not only provide good quality products but also fast delivery service. Details Part no.: YH-4SH-87312(Hose: DIN EN856 4SH; Fitting: SAE Flange 3000PSI For Spiral Hose) Ferrule type: 00400 ferrule(ferrule for four wire steel braided hose) Application: high pressure hydraulic application including mobile, machine tool and agricultural application, using petroleum or water based ...
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Aeroquip Hydraulic Hose Sae R2at Wire Braided High Pressure Hydraulic Hose Assembly

YH-1SN-26791 hose assemblies are composed with DIN EN853 1SN hose, JIC female fittings and related ferrule types. YH is offering a comprehensive line of hydraulic hose assembly. Different hose types and sizes are kept in stock for fast crimping and delivery. Hose assembly is welcomed among customers because of best quality and reasonable prices. Details Part no.: YH-1SN-26791(Hose: DIN EN853 1SN; Fitting: 90°JIC Female 74°Cone Seat) Ferrule type: 00210(ferrule for two wire braided hose); 03310(ferrule for one or two wire braided hose) Construction: this type hose consists of ...
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High Pressure 5 Inch DN125 Concrete Pump Rubber End Hose

YH-R2A-30111 hose assemblies are composed with SAE 100R2A, metric female multi-seal fittings and related ferrules. Hose assemblies are sold with high tightness, long service life and good oil resistance. We are providing different types of hose assemblies for your choose. Please contact us with detailed enquiries Details Part no.: YH-R2A-30111(Hose: SAE 100R2A; Fitting: Metric Female Multi-seal) Ferrule type: 00210(ferrule for two wire braided hose); 03310(ferrule for one or two wire braided hose) YH assembly features: high tightness, long service life, good oil resistance, good surface, reasonable selling prices, ...
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Sae100 R12 Din En 856 R12 High Pressure Rubber Hose For Oil

YH-R12-30212 hose assemblies are composed with SAE 100R12 hose, metric female flat seal fittings for spiral hoses, and 00400 ferrules. Complete sizes are offered which can be checked with following tables. YH Hydraulic is offering no leaking oil for hydraulic hose assemblies that can provide a good and efficient working when put into usage. Details Part no.: YH-R12-30212(Hose: SAE 100R12; Fitting: Metric Female Flat Seal For Spiral Hose) Ferrule type: 00400(ferrule for four wire braided hose such as R12, 4SP, 4SH, etc) Material: fittings are manufactured with 45 ...
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Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

Hot Sale China Factory Supply Hydraulic Ptfe Flexible Hose Assembly

YH-4SP-87613 hose assemblies are composed with DIN EN856 4SP hose, SAE flange 6000PSI fittings for interlock, and interlock ferrules. Sizes details are showed below on technical data tables. Hose assembly types are designed by customers that can be made as different demands from the machine connections. Details Part no.: YH-4SP-87613(Hose: DIN EN856 4SP; Fitting: SAE Flange 6000PSI For Interlock) Ferrule type: 00601(Interlock ferrule for R13 strengthen hose); 00605(Interlock ferrule for R13 strengthen hose) Application: suitable for transmit hydraulic fluid such as alcohol, oil hydraulic pressure, fuel, lubricants, emulsion, ...
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4SH Hose Assembly

Hydraulic Rubber Hose Assembly 1sn 2sn 4sp 4sh With Fitting Ferrule

YH-4SH-87992 hose assemblies are composed with DIN EN856 4SH, 90°SAE flange 9000PSI flange fittings spiral hoses, and ferrules for spiral hoses. Complete items of hoses assemblies can be found in YH Hydraulic. We offer an unbeatable combination of quality, selection and good price that our competitors can’t begin to match. Please go ahead to contact us for any deeper requirements. Details Part no.: YH-4SH-87992(Hose: DIN EN856 4SH; Fitting: 90°SAE Flange 9000PSI For Spiral Hose) Ferrule types: 00400(ferrules for spiral hose) Brand: YH; for other brands, please contact us ...
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Metric Banjo Hose Fitting

CNC Manufacture BSP Metric 70011 Hydraulic Hose Banjo Fittings

Metric banjo eye fittings 70011 are used with either rubber or polymid hard plastic hose. Hollow fittings are used in conjunction with our banjo for fuel, air oil, etc. Banjo fittings from YH are good for high pressure applications. These fittings come in zinc or yellow zinc plated finishes. Details Part no.: 70011(Metric Banjo DIN7622) Sizes: From M8 to M33 are popularly produced Prices: YH will offer best quality products with lowest prices as we can. Delivery time: re-produced products needs 25 days for one order; as discussed; ...
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Hot Sale Stainless Steel Aluminum Brass Camlock Quick Coupling For Pipe Fittings

7241ASS quick couplings are made from stainless steels. These quick couplings are widely used in connections of various machines such as loaders, excavators, elevators, other hydraulic systems, etc.. YH quick coupling are ensured to be with good sealing, high pressure tolerance, and good looking. Details Part no.: 7241ASS(A Series Hydraulic Quick Couplings(Stainless Steel) ) Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, etc.. OEM service: available for samples or drawings provided. MOQ: require no MOQ for stock products. We have kept a wide range of sizes for popular items required ...
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Hydraulic Cylinder Label Engraving Machine/ Metal Marking Mahcinery

YHMM-200B marking machine is a popular selling machine in YH Hydraulic. It is used for marking letters or logos on surface of products such as fittings, ferrules, and adapters. Marked products are easy to recognize its part no., logo or other feature. Below are showing its advantages and technical data. Details Part no.: YHMM-200B Advantages 1. The letter head can be composed at liberty 2. Marking the letter head at the same time in one or two row 3. Large force and high speed with controlled by hydraulic ...
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High Quality Hydraulic Machinery Machines

Item YHHC-92C-O crimper enlarge opening suitable for many kinds of elbow fittings. Hose crimping machine is used for hose assemble with fittings and ferrules. It can crimp range from 1/8’’ to 2.1/2’’ for less than four steel wire braided hoses. This item is available for stock. Details Part no.: YHHC-92C-O Two-grade speed and no axial displacement Enlarge opening, suitable for many kinds of elbow fitting Suitable for quick change tool Equipped with protection adapter which protect dies against the failure installation Repeatability precision reaches to 0.01mm and venire ...
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Hydraulic Pipe Crimping Machine

CE 1/8-2” Finn Power 2inch/3/4/6/8/10 Inch Hydraulic Pipe Hose Crimping Machine

Item YHHC-91C is a kind of hose crimping machines and its standard crimping size is from 1/8’’ to 2’’ that can meet most working demands. This type is added with base protective resin gasket not to damage the working surface. Thus, good looking is ensured for better selling in stores. Details Part no.: YHHC-91C Back re-setting hydro-cylinder, can be easily operated Increasing the opening, and good passing performance Added with base-protective resin gasket not to damage the working surface Function: manual, semi-automatic and automatic Application: assemble hydraulic hoses ...
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Flexible Hose Crimper

Flexible Hydraulic Crimping Press Manual Hose Crimper Price

YHFHC-75A is flexible hose crimper with excellent inner parts. It is of small volume, high speed and precise orientation. It’s welcomed by customers for several years because it is suitable for mass production of braking tube, pulling rope and pulling cable. YH ensure its quality and offer after-sales service. Details Part no.: YHFHC-75A Small volume, high speed and precise orientation Equipped with counter Suitable for mass production of braking tube, pulling rope and pulling cable Technical Data Table Crimper range 1/8’’-3/4’’ Standard voltage & motor 380V/3KW Opening without ...
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4-127mm Hose Crimper,High Efficiency Ce Approved Hose Crimper Machine,Super Thin Hydraulic Hose Crimper Machine

YHSTHC-81B is a super thin hose crimper which is involved in YH production for years. Hose crimping machines from YH Hydraulic have led the industry in ease of use and rugged durability. YH have related products such as hydraulic hoses, hose fittings, ferrules, hose assemblies, etc. YH welcome customers to contact us for details. Details Part no.: YHSTHC-81B Ultra thin body, max opening Operating system upgrade easy and intelligence It is suitable for non-standard fitting With quick change tool Advantage: Updated machine; Cheap price; After-sales service Shipping port: ...
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Super Hose Crimping Machine

Super High Pressure Hose Swager Jyc-e38 Tube Crimping Machine For Sale

YHSTHC-81A is a super thin hose crimping machine in YH Hydraulic. It is designed with ultra thin body and max opening. Most hydraulic machines can be found in YH factory, we are manly producing hose crimping machines of different functions. Crimping machine is placing a important role in hose crimp with fittings and ferrules. Details Part no.: YHSTHC-81A Ultra thin body, max opening Operating system upgrade easy and intelligence Suitable for crimping air condition pipe, flexible wire and special hose Pre-fill design, crimp quickly and swaging force is ...
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China Air Hydraulic Hose Crimper Machine Manufacturer Price List

YHHCM-91F hydraulic hose crimping machine is special for sizes from 1/8’’ to 6’’. This machine is one of popular selling machines in YH Hydraulic because of its low center of gravity and easy operation. If you are looking for similar machines, please feel free to contact us for detailed information. YH Hydraulic will be your best choice of hose crimper. Details Part no.: YHHCM-91F Low center of gravity, easy for operation. Extra-large opening ,extra-huge crimping force. Hydraulic shift crimping, quickly and save electricity. Technical Data Table Crimp range ...
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4sh/sp Hydraulic Hose Pipes Hydraulic High Pressure Rubber Hose

GB/T10544-2003 4SH rubber hoses are widely accepted among our customers. 4SH hoses are with four high tensile steel wire spiral layers. Popular sizes can be found in YH factory. In YH, fittings are standard for these hoses. 4SH hoses need fitting items like 10512 and 30612(“2” means tail size). We welcome customers order hoses with our fittings together so sizes can be fitted well. Details Part no.: GB/T10544-2003 4SH Tube: Oil resistant synthetic rubber Reinforcement: four high tensile steel wire spiral layers Cover: abrasion and weather resistant synthetic ...
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Best Selling Flexible Heat Resistant Rubber Hydraulic Hose Sae 100r2at/din En853 2sn Maker

DIN EN853 2SN is two steel wire braided hydraulic hoses. 2SN hoses are suitable for high pressure working circumstance. Hydraulic hoses equipped with related fittings and ferrules are used for connecting parts of heavy machines so good quality can ensure machines function well. YH promise quality products selling to customers. Details Part no.: DIN EN853 2SN Construction: This hose consists of an inner tube of oil synthetic rubber, two wire braid reinforcement, and oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber cover Sizes: from 1/4’’ to 2’’ MOQ: 200PCS one ...
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Hydraulic Adapter Jic Male Female 74 Cone Branch Tee Fitting

AJ instead of JIC male 74 degrees cone tee have a 37 degrees cone seat on three sides. JIC adapters are an excellent choice for preventing leaks and can be used for higher pressure applications. JIC adapters provided are equivalent to JIC adapters from Parker, Eaton, Aeroquip, Weatherhead, and Gates Hydraulics. Details Part no.: AJ(JIC male 74 degrees cone tee) Material: Mild Steel(Mostly); Stainless Steel or Brass(Special demands) Threads: JIC; NPT; ORFS; Metric; BSP; BSPT; etc. Specifications: products made according to standard(Winner) or customers’ designed drawings Stock: many ...
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Factory Sale New Products 90 Degree Orfs High Pressure Hose Connector

2F9 adapter fittings are 90 degrees elbow ORFS male o-ring to ORFS female types. High pressure fluid-conducting swivel joints extend hose life as well as provide design versatility for simplified plumbing and ease of maintenance. Complete sizes of 2F9 fittings are manufactured in YH Hydraulic. YH insist on providing good quality products and lower prices. Details Part no.: 2F9(90°ORFS Male O-ring to ORFS Female) Working pressure: maximum 3000 psi Intended for use only in fluid power systems Temperature range: -40°F to 200°F Ports: o-ring face seal male; o-ring ...
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ISO JIC Flat Face Connectors,Hydraulic Fittings,Hose Connectors

2J9 adapter fittings are 90 degrees JIC male 37 degrees cone to JIC female 37 degrees seat. Complete sizes dimensions are showed below on technical data sheet. Adapter fittings are manufactured as per drawings or customers’ special demands. Our production standard is Winner which is same as Eaton. Details Part no.: 2J9(90°JIC Male 74°Cone to JIC Female 74°Seat) Shapes and straights are manufactured as per material compositions desired by drawings or customers’ requirements. YH fittings are produced in conformance with SEA, BS, AS, ANSI and DIN standards Available ...
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Stainless Steel NPT Female To JIC Hydraulic Faring Fitting

1JN9 fittings are 90°JIC male 74°cone to NPT male thread types. JIC fittings are a type of flare fitting machined with a 37-degree flare seating surface. These fittings are widely used in fuel delivery and fluid power applications, especially where extremely high pressure is involved. YH manufacture these fittings to the best quality required. Details are showed below for your reference. Any suggestions or comments, please advise us. Details Part no.: 1JN9(90°JIC Male 74°Cone to NPT Male) Sizes: from 02 to 32 types are involved in YH production ...
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Factory Bsp Hdpe Pipe Fitting Male Adapter/eaton Hose Fittings

BB instead of BSP male 60 degrees seat with BSP female 60 degrees cone branch tee threads is a popular series among customers. YH is providing complete sizes of BB series which are showed on technical table data. YH can also produce other items with different threads such NPT, BSPT, metric, ORFS, JIC, etc. Our products are coated with zinc or chrome mostly before delivery. Details Part no.: BB(BSP Male 60 Degrees Seat with BSP Female 60 Degrees Cone Branch Tee) Good color and luster. All the adapter ...
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Male Thread Adapter Bsp Female Hydraulc Hose Fittings Black Equal Socket Malleable Iron Union Flat Seat

7B series fittings are BSP female thread types. Complete sizes from 02 to 32 are manufactured in YH Hydraulic to meet most hydraulic hoses demands. YH can produce other thread types such as metric, JIC, NPT, ORFS, JIS metric, BSPT, etc. Please email to us if you require any hydraulic products, you can find complete sizes and types in our factory. Details Part no.: 7B(BSP Female) Sizes: From 02 to 32 are available to be produced in YH Hydraulic Coating: yellow zinc-plated; white zinc-plated; chrome plated(Silver) Standard: Eaton ...
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Hydraulic Male Female Elbow Fitting Bsp 60 Cone Hydraulic Adapters

3B9 adapter fittings are 90 degrees BSP female 60 degrees cone type. YH Hydraulic offers extensive line of BSP adapter fittings to complete your connection. Fittings are available in brass, malleable iron, forged and stainless steel. A wide selection of this line of adapter fittings is in stock at YH Hydraulic. Details Part no.: 3B9(90°BSP Female 60°Cone) Sizes: from G1/8’’ to G2’’ are available in our factory Brand: YH; production standard is Winner same as Eaton Application: Petroleum, chemical, machinery, electric power, shipbuilding, papermaking, construction, etc. Testing: a ...
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Industrial Tube Fittings Two Ferrule Compression Tube Fittings Male Elbow

1B4 adapter fittings are 45°BSP male 60°seat types which are widely used in the connections of different machines. A comprehensive line of adapter fittings are involved in YH production which can meet a variety of connection demands. Universal thread types of fittings can be found and chosen in YH Hydraulic. Please go ahead to visit our website or contact us for detailed requirements. Details Material:Stainless Steel, SS316 Technics:Forged Type:Elbow Place of Origin: Ningbo, China (Mainland) Brand Name:YH Connection:Male Shape:Equal Head Code:Hexagon Port size:1/16 to 2 inch and 2 ...
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Metric Female Hose Tee

Competive Price Tee Connector,Bsp Metric Female Thread Hydraulic Hose Fittings

Details Type:Fittings Model Number:Customization Brand Name:YH Place of Origin:Ningbo, China (Mainland) Surface Treatment:Zinc Plating OEM Service:Accept Free Sample:Available Package:Bag;Roll;Box;Carton;Cage;Pallet Application:High Pressure Equipment Technics:CNC Machine Color:Yellow Product name:Tube Connector Thread:female Standard:bsp Part no: BC(Metric female 24 degrees with metric male 24 degrees heavy type tee) Type: can be booked whole set that adapter with cutting ring and nut Material: Carbon steel; Stainless steel Sizes: popular producing sizes showed on technical data table; others are welcome MOQ: 300pcs one item Sample: less than 5 pieces is free of charge according ...
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Metric Male 24 Degree Cone Seat Light Type Hydraulic Hose Fittings

1C series are metric male 24 degrees light type which sizes are available from M12 to M52. YH provides complete items of hydraulic adapter fittings which are finished without any burrs and sharp edges brake. We can provide OEM service with drawings, samples or requirements presented. Details Part no.: 1C(Metric Male 24 Degrees Light Type) Advantages: Competitive prices; reliable quality; High degrees of smooth surface finish Coating: zinc plated; chrome plated; painting; others Standard: based on Winner(Eaton) production Pressure: from 16Mpa to 63Mpa Technical Data Table 代号 PART ...
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45 Degree Elbow Male Adjustable Stud End Bsp Hydraulic Hose Adaptor Fitting With Oring And Washer

1DH4-OG adapter series are 45 degrees metric male 24 degrees heavy type adjustable stud. Mild steel is put into production to guarantee our high quality. And all machines are advanced in our factory that we can supply quality products. Also we can provide customers with special adapter fittings if drawings, samples or requirements are presented. Details Part no.: 1DH4-OG(45°Metric Male 24°Heavy Type Adjustable Stud) Process: according to drawings, samples and accurate sizes Machines and steps: precision CNC lathe, punch, friction press, milling machine forging, stamping, etc. Feature: suitable ...
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Cabon Steel Ferrule Hose Collar Hose Fittings And Ferrules Manufacturers

Cabon Steel Ferrule Hose Collar Hose Fittings And Ferrules Manufacturers

We are professional hydraulic ferrules(03310) manufacturer in Ningbo, China. Item 03310 is a kind of non-skive ferrules for SAE 100R1AT or R2AT Hose. Plain carbon steel is material mostly used in our factory. Complete sizes for this type are involved in our daily production from 3/16’’ to 2’’. Details Part no: 03310 Usage: Equipped with fittings for SAE 100R1AT or R2AT hose Surface: zinc-plated; customers’ demands Processing equipment: CNC machines; Automatic punch Stock products: available. Pictures for Mild Steel Hose Collar, hose ferrules, hose sleeves, hose collars Technical ...
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China Supplier High Quality Interlock Hydraulic Ferrules

Ferrule 00605 is interlock type for R13 strengthen hoses used in different hydraulic machines. Ferrules manufactured in YH factory are for high, medium and low-pressure hose assemblies. Our part no.s are based on Winner standard. For other standards, please contact our sales or download e-catalog showed below to confirm with our part no.s. Details Part no.: 00605(Interlock Ferrule For R13 Strengthen Hose) Material: Carbon Steel #20; Stainless Steel; Copper; Aluminum Features: Highly strict quality control; Rich investments of equipments; Good sealing and high-strength; high degrees of smooth surface ...
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Interlock Ferrule Hydraulic Hose Fitting Ferrule

Ferrule 00605 is interlock type for R13 strengthen hoses used in different hydraulic machines. Ferrules manufactured in YH factory are for high, medium and low-pressure hose assemblies. Our part no.s are based on Winner standard. For other standards, please contact our sales or download e-catalog Details Part no.: 00605(Interlock Ferrule For R13 Strengthen Hose) Material: Carbon Steel #20; Stainless Steel; Copper; Aluminum Features: Highly strict quality control; Rich investments of equipments; Good sealing and high-strength; high degrees of smooth surface Application: Automobile, Engineering, Lathe, Metallurgy, Petroleum, Mining, Construction, ...
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JIC Female 74 Cone Hydraulic Hose Fitting with 30 years Factory experience

Part no. 26711 is a kind of JIC female with 74 degrees cone seat. Our part no.s are in line with Winner(Eaton as well) standard. For other brands like Manuli or Parker, we can figure out with our items to quote prices. Hose Fittings are made from carbon steel #45 or stainless steel if required. And sizes showed on technical data table are regularly produced. Details Material:Carbon Steel Technics:Forged Type:fittings Place of Origin:China (Mainland) Model Number:26711 Brand Name:YH Connection:Female Shape:Reducing Head Code:Hexagon Standard:EATON/Parker Certificate:CE/ISO Application:Oil Gas Water Industrial ...
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Cnc Manufacturing Hydraulic Orfs Male Female Flat Seat Fittings

24211 series are ORFS female flat seat crimped type fittings which are widely acceptable in YH Hydraulic. 34211 series are with same application as 24211 series but 34211 are non-crimped types. Fittings are manufactured by CNC machines and the production needs more than 10 steps. YH control right dimensions and demands of each step. Details Part no.: 24211(ORFS Female Flat Seat Crimp Type) Related products: 34211(Non-crimped type) with same application; 24241(45 degrees elbow); 24291(90 degrees elbow) Thread Types: ORFS; JIC; NPT; BSP; BSPT; JIS; Metric, etc Origin: Ningbo, ...
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Customized available Non-crimped Female Fittings

34211 series fittings are ORFS female flat seat and non-crimped types. YH’s production covers most international threads and sizes of hydraulic fittings. Fittings have high precision, smooth surface finish and required tolerance. We ensure best quality products sold to customer so packing well is also important to protect from collision during delivery. We pack fittings in order in cartons with plastic cover. Details Part no.: 34211(ORFS Female Flat Seat; Non-crimped type) Application: 34211 series fittings are used for one or two wire braided hoses; 34212 series are suitable ...
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ORFS Fitting Male/Fmale O-Ring Seal Hydraulic Hose Fitting Pipe Fitting

14211 fittings are with ORFS male o-ring seal. 14211 fittings are packed well before loaded. YH provides fittings with high durability, high precision and high performance. Fittings from YH Hydraulic are easy for installation. Standard fittings are manufactured and sold for several years. But we can also design with your requirements and produce as per your drawings and samples. Details Part no.: 14211(OFRS Male O-ring Seal) Sizes: standard sizes are showed on technical data table. If sizes are different from yours, please send your detailed requirements to us ...
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China Custom High Quality Stainless Steel Adapter Hose Fittings

27891 fittings are 90 degrees SAE female 90 degrees cone seat types. Sizes of 27891 fittings are from 1/4’’ to 3/4’’ which are daily manufactured in YH Hydraulic. Our production includes a wide range of thread fittings such as metric, BSP, JIC, NPT, ORFS, etc. Also we can provide OEM service with samples, drawings or requirements provided. Details Part no.: 27891(90°SAE Female 90°Cone Seat) MOQ: require 200PCS for each item Prices: prices quoted are in line with quality presented, material and requirements provided. Package: put in order in ...
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Flange One Piece Fitting Hydraulic Hose Fitting

Details Model NO.: 87312 Material: Medium Carbon Steel Surface Treatment: Galvanized Sheet Stock: Yes Color: White or Yellow Trademark: PEHEL Origin: Ningbo, China Standard: DIN Connection: Female Head Type: Round Size: All Finish: Zinc Plated Specification: SGS and ROSH Product Description 1. Zinc plating: White zinc or yellow zinc are available2. Material optional: Carbon steel, stainless stell or brass3. SO 9001certification4. Material: Carbon steel 45#Sample avaliable for free PART NO. E (THREAD E) HOSE BORE (DN) HOSE BORE (DASH) DIMENSIONS (A) DIMENSIONS (B) DIMENSIONS (F) 87312-10-10PK 5/8" 16 10 ...
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NPSM Female Hose Fitting

YH Fitting Female 60 Degree Cone Pipe Fitting SAE J514 Hydraulic Hose End Fitting 21611

21611 series fittings are NPSM female 60 degrees cone. NPSM is a National Standard Free-Fitting Straight Mechanical Pipe Thread which piping convention refers to pipe thread that is not tapered. And NPSM pipe threads do not seal as effectively as NPT threads. Please make sure which thread type is required. Details Technics:Forged Type:pipe fitting Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Model Number:21611 Brand Name:YH Connection:Female Shape:Equal Head Code:Hexagon Color:white /Yellow zinc plated Standard:Metric Certificate:ISO9001:2008 Application:Water/Oil/Gas Size:1/8' ~ 6' Surface treatment:zinc plated, Chrome plated, Nickel plating Special Service:OEM as your ...
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High Quality Wholesale BSP Female 60 Cone Double Hexagon Hydraulic Hose Fitting 22611D

High Quality Wholesale BSP Female 60 Cone Double Hexagon Hydraulic Hose Fitting 22611D

Details Type:Fittings Model Number:22611-D Brand Name:YH Place of Origin:China (Mainland) Material:Carbon Steel Color:White Pressure:High Pressure Standard:BSP Usage:Oil Gas Water Industrial Application Automobile, engineering Machinery, Lathe, Machinery, Metallurgy, Petroleum, mine, construction, chemical industry, shipbuilding, spacecraft, military, Textile, Ocean, Recreation, Electronics and many other fields related with hydraulic and their delivery system of fluid and gas etc; Delivery Detail: 1-2weeks Package Detail: Nylon plastic+corrugated carton +Multiple plywood case Custom-orientated Service: produce according to your drawings or sample, offer custom-design Our advantage: 1. High quality 2. Rich inventory 3. Prompt delivery ...
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Compression 1/4″ OD NPT Stainless Steel 316 Straight Male Connector Tube Fittings

14212 fittings are ORFS male with o-ring seal for spiral hoses. YH provides complete sizes production of 14212 fittings from 1/4’’ to 2’’. 14212 fittings are manufactured with smooth surface finish, high precision and right tolerance required. All fittings from YH Hydraulic are produced by CNC machines. Details Material:Stainless Steel, AISI 304, 304L ,316 ,316L Technics:Casting Type:Coupling Place of Origin:China (Mainland) Brand Name:YH Connection:Thread/Welding Shape:Equal Head Code:Round Size:1/8"-4" Certificate:ISO 9001:2008, CE Thread:BSP, BSPT, BSPP, NPT, DIN2999, ISO 7/1 Technic:Swaged Technical Data Table 代号 PART NO. 螺纹E THREAD E ...
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Metric White Galvanized Hydraulic Carbon Steel Flare Fitting

26711one piece series are with thread of JIC female 74 degrees cone seat. 26711one piece fittings are 26711 fittings crimped with ferrules by crimping machines. Fittings and ferrules are precisely manufactured to avoid leaking when crimped with hydraulic hoses. YH are selling best prices and best quality to customers. Details Material:Carbon Steel, Carbon Steel Technics:Forged, Forged Type:Coupling Place of Origin:China (Mainland) Brand Name:YH Connection:Female Shape:Equal Head Code:Hexagon Product Name:metric white galvanized hydraulic carbon steel flare fitting Surface Treatment:Zinc-plated White/Yellow Zinc Usage:hydraulic parts Advantage:Low Price with High Quality Company ...
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GB Metric Female 74° Cone Seat Hydraulic Hose Fitting

20291one piece integral fittings are 90 degrees GB metric female flat seat types which are 20291 fittings crimped with relevant ferrules. Sizes from 1/4’’ to 1’’ are popular produced in our factory and widely accepted by customers nationally and over the world. To be a reliable supplier, YH insist on provide not only best quality and competitive prices, but also after-sales service. Details Part no.: 20291one piece(90°GB Metric Female Flat Seat Integral Fitting) Surface treatment: Hot-dip galvanized; chrome plated; painted Stock: most items of the series are kept ...
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