Competitive Price 2 Inch Skiving Machine For Flexible Hose Ht-65f Factory Supplier
Flexible Hose Skiving Machines
YHFHSM-65F is a hose skiving machine which is suitable for R1AT, R2AT, 4SH, etc. Its skiving range is from 1/8’’ to 2’’ to slice rubber from hoses that can be used well. It does not make too much noise that influences your regular work. Details are showed on technical data table. But for other requirements, please contact our sales. Details Part no.: YHFHSM-65F(Flexible Hose Skiving Machine) Power will be off when the cover is opened Adjust scale plate, adjust the blade rapid Flexible blade which protect steel wire from scatter, and have compensation function Support internal and external skiving Technical ...
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Muti-Functional Versatile Combo Crimping And Skiving Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine
Hose Skiving Machine
YHHS-65D is a kind of hose skiving machine whose crimping range is from 1/8’’ to 2’’ suitable for most hoses such as R1AT, R2AT, 4SP, 4SH,etc. YHHS-65D supports internal and external skiving and it can skive without winding and make low noise. YH can also provide OEM service to customers’ requirements. Details Part no.: YHHS-65D Skiving without winding and low noise As it operates, it can determine the length and diameter of skiving, once the cover is opened, it will stop working Equipped with waste container, cleanness and convenience Support internal and external skiving Technical Data Table Features and Advantages ...
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