20291one piece integral fittings are 90 degrees GB metric female flat seat types which are 20291 fittings crimped with relevant ferrules. Sizes from 1/4’’ to 1’’ are popular produced in our factory and widely accepted by customers nationally and over the world. To be a reliable supplier, YH insist on provide not only best quality and competitive prices, but also after-sales service.


Part no.: 20291one piece(90°GB Metric Female Flat Seat Integral Fitting)
Surface treatment: Hot-dip galvanized; chrome plated; painted
Stock: most items of the series are kept as stock products
Delivery time: Within 5 days for stock items
Currency: USD; RMB; Euro; other popular ones
Port: Ningbo port(nearest); Shanghai or Guangzhou acceptable

Technical Data Table



公称内径DN标 号 DASHCS1S2H
20291-14-04one pieceM14X1.56048171728.1
20291-16-06one pieceM16X1.510068191936
20291-18-06one pieceM18X1.510068.5221936
20291-22-08one pieceM22X1.5120810272243
20291-27-10one pieceM27X1.5161010.5322763
20291-30-12one pieceM30X1.5201211363258.2
20291-36-16one pieceM36X2251613413868
20291-45-16one pieceM45X2322015555076

Shipping & Service

1. Orders will be dispatched in 30 days after payment, depending on quantities.
2. We Always choose the most economical and reliable shipping company to make sure you receive the goods in time.
3. The tracking number will be offered you once the consignment is shipped.
4. Professional customer service to answer your questions or fix problems regarding your order.


Our factory is strictly conducted by ISO9001: 2008
Quality assureance: Raw material incoming inspection, first article samples, PPAP, process inspection, final inspection.

Company Introduction

Who we are?
A professional manufacturer and seller of hydraulic fittings, ferrules, hoses, machines and hose assemblies
Ningbo YH Hydraulic Machinery Factory was set up in a beautiful city, Ningbo, which is famous for Beilun port. YH Hydraulic is a specialized factory that produces and supplies braided rubber hoses, hose fittings, hose ferrules, high pressure hose assemblies, crimping machines, etc. As a manufacturer, YH insists on pursuing better quality with lower costing. So we control materials which should be bought from official steel companies and of standard and best quality. And we have carried out an integrated production system which is based on quality focus.
As a seller, our products are exported to the world and sold nationally for more than 8 years. We have an intelligent marketing team who are exploring new markets, developing potential customers, solving problems, and serving customers with orders well. We are a competitive and friendly cooperator and our goal is for mutual benefit and long-term nice cooperation.