Part no.: YHHC-91A
Two types of speed, using variable pump, power saved and high speed
Dies changed in axis position, and special-shaped big bend can be fitted
There are lubricated groove on the frictional surface, in which self-supported oil can come true
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Technical Data Table

Crimper range1/8’’-2’’ 4SP
Standard voltage & motor380V/3KW
Opening without diesΦ119mm
Optional voltage & motor220V/2.2KW
No. Of standard die set10 sets
Systematic pressure30MPa


Trouble phenomena

Trouble reason

Eliminating method

Machine has not action

Oil tank has not been filled with oil

Fill oil as per requirement

Motor rotation direction is not correct

Regulate two phase lines

Electric trouble

Overhaul electric circuits

Scale is damaged

The scale is fastened on the oil cylinder end face by the screw

Regulate the scale as per the instruction to make scale to telescope freely

Conductor at scale location is connected with scale

Anew connect the scale conductor to make it to be insulated from scale base

Electric trouble

Overhaul electric circuits and electric elements

Scale conductor cutting

Anew connect scale

System pressure is excessively low

Adjust buckling pressure-regulating valve

No buckling

The valve core of solenoid reversal valve is seizured by foreign matters

Dismount solenoid reversal valve, use gasoline to clean the valve core.

Electric trouble

Overhaul electric circuits

Mould is not opened

Opening mould pressure is excessively low

Adjust opening mould pressure regulating valve

Electric trouble

Overhaul electric circuits

Lubrication is poor

Smear grease on the working inclined face of mould base

Oil leakage

Joint is not tightened closely

Tighten the oil pipe joint

Sealing washer is damaged.

Replace sealing washer